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» SEFS 5 Programme and Abstracts – PDF-File, 3.0 MB

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» Inter-site variability of leaf litter breakdown in reference headwater streams – PDF-File, 1.5 MB

» Occurence of Giardia and Cryptosporidium in Oreto river in Palermo (Sicily) – PDF-File, 112.4 KB

» The initial study of digenea larvae invasion to Potamopyrgus antipodarum populations in Poland – PDF-File, 1.1 MB

» Spring dynamic of Transparent Exopolymeric Particles (TEP) in two lakes of the Massif Central of France – PDF-File, 115.6 KB

» The study of mayflies (Ephemeroptera) ecology in Latvia's freshwaters (1986-2006) – PDF-File, 1.1 MB

» Food web structure following fish manipulation in a shallow wetland lake with abundant submerged vegetation – PDF-File, 1.0 MB

» Invertebrate communities in temporary wetlands across a salinity & hydroperiod gradient – PDF-File, 128.3 KB

» How lake residential development affects littoral invertebrates living on different natural substrata – PDF-File, 184.1 KB

» Combining metrics, and confidence in status boundaries, within the Water Framework Directive – PDF-File, 157.4 KB

» Responses of stream invertebrate communities to different types of human impacts: patterns of taxonomic vs. functional diversity – PDF-File, 197.7 KB

» Food sources of Arctic char (Salvelinus alpinus (L.)) in two subarctic lakes with contrasting fish communities – PDF-File, 765.8 KB

» Effect of light level, dissolved oxygen and ammonium concentration on submerged macrophytes – PDF-File, 171.4 KB

» Daily thermoregulation patterns in lacustrine brook charr revealed by principal coordinates of neighbour matrices (PCNM) – PDF-File, 604.6 KB

» Scenedesmus quadricauda - a promising microorganism for selenium-enriched algal biomass production – PDF-File, 6.5 MB

» Size structure of aquatic insect larvae during colonization – PDF-File, 264.4 KB

» Water reclemation of the residual coal mining pit in Czech Republic – PDF-File, 170.2 KB

» Seasonal variability of diel phytoplankton cycles in a shallow lake (Lake Candia, N. Italy) – PDF-File, 1.9 MB

» Temporal and spatial changes of the Bilina river ecosystem (Northwest Bohemia, Czech Republic) – PDF-File, 1.1 MB

» Geographic distribution and environmental correlates of fish species predated by otters Lutra lutra in Southern Italy – PDF-File, 342.5 KB

» Influence of intensive fish farming on macroinvertebrate community structure in Appenine streams (Italy) – PDF-File, 312.4 KB

» Logging-induced variations in DOC affect yellow perch recruitment in Canadian shield lakes – PDF-File, 313.9 KB

» Macrophyte colonization and their associated macroinvertebrates in the lower Ebro river (Catalonia, Spain) – PDF-File, 210.3 KB

» Influence of the moss-covered travertine barriers on zooseston retention of the Plitvice Lakes (Croatia) – PDF-File, 482.4 KB

» Climate driven changes on phytoplankton communities structure and algae species seasonal development in Latvia's freshwaters – PDF-File, 1.1 MB

» Sea-fresh water exchanges in coastal aquifers of Sicily: A recent contamination cartography – PDF-File, 137.1 KB

» Variability of absorption coefficients in Italian lakes: implications about regionalisation of algorithms – PDF-File, 253.8 KB

» Freshwater ostracods (Crustacea: Ostracoda) of the circum-Sicilian islands – PDF-File, 1.5 MB

» RAPD analysis and isoemzyme profiles of some vendace (Coregonus albula) populations in Latvia – PDF-File, 205.7 KB

» Impact of the hydrology on the zooplankton density and community composition in the Daugava River, Latvia – PDF-File, 2.3 MB

» New records of the australasian copepod Boeckella triarticulata (Copepoda, Calanoida, Centropagidae) in Italy – PDF-File, 327.5 KB


» Modelling the effects of changing retention time on phytoplanton – PDF-File, 311.2 KB

» The impact of climate change on lakes in Central Europe – PDF-File, 1.3 MB

» The use of multiple communities to assess river's ecological status – PDF-File, 2.3 MB

» Spatial and temporal surface water chemistry variation in a semiarid river network during the monsoonal flood pulse – PDF-File, 1.2 MB

» Effects of sediment addition, nutrient enrichment and water abstraction on agricultural streams: a multiple-stressor experiment – PDF-File, 2.3 MB

» Impacts of hydropower production on the macrobenthic communities in mountain streams – PDF-File, 3.2 MB

» Nutrient and organic matter balances in fluvial segments characterized by different ecological integrity: external supply, macrophytes uptake and bacterial processes – PDF-File, 311.8 KB

» Changes in transient storage and nutrient retention related to channel manipulations – PDF-File, 987.8 KB

» Morphology and physical habitat use in a lotic macroinvertebrate community – PDF-File, 1.2 MB

» Responses of biological indices to pressures in running waters of the Alsace floodplain (Eastern France). Towards new tools for ecological status assessment – PDF-File, 581.8 KB

» The flood pulse concept in the ecology of floodplain lakes of the middle Daugava river – PDF-File, 920.4 KB

» The invasiveness of two macrophyte species, Elodea nuttallii (Planch.) St John and E. canadensis Michaux – PDF-File, 647.8 KB

» New state of zoobenthos in large lakes of European Russia as a result of human-mediated stresses – PDF-File, 3.2 MB